Unexpected Friendship – [Rock X Cactus]

Once upon a time, there lived a Rock called Pawii.Pawii v1


Once upon a time, there lived a Cactus called Shully.Shully the Cactus v2

Pawii is hard and strong, just like any other Rock.
Shully is prickly and self-sufficient, just like any other Cactus.

Pawii wants to connect to someone. But looking stony and dull, she was afraid she would get rejected by others.
She waited and waited for a day might come, that someone will come and be her friend.

Shully wants to connect to someone. But being thorny and shy, she was afraid to prick and hurt somebody.
She waited and waited for a day might come, that someone will not get hurt by her.

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Reconnecting… to Pawii

It’s been a very long time since I have picked up my pen to draw and write about Pawii.

I can feel the nostalgia filling me, as the emotions and flashback of how Pawii was created 5 years back. Thru my imagination, pun with words and a solid foot (that my coach had put down) for it to come to fruition.

It had been an awesome journey of blood, sweat and tears (referencing a song title from the phenomenal BTS K-pop group). Moments of joy and exhilaration coated with bitter sweetness as I look back fondly at the past 5 years of my life.

I guessed for the longest time I was so caught up in living again that I got covered up in layers of pretense and lies telling myself that, “It’s OK” to ignore things. That if it really mattered, it’ll come up again.

It did.

But I continue to choose to turn a blind eye. And spewing patronizing words of what I’ll do with <Pawii> like writing a sequence, posting more pictures. And unknowingly started to carry little lumps of guilt inside myself.

Until February 2018, when I got a hard poke by a friend. He threw a match at me and lit me up(all my dreams and wants of what Pawii should and could be). He begun to describe and brainstorm about how we can revive Pawii… And he spoke so passionately about the business that can be, something inside me just awakened. The love and passion that I have created Pawii was reunited with the pride I have for myself and the work I have done bringing it Alive.

So here I am, reconnecting back to Pawii and bringing it to the audiences and fans who were connected to her too.